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Art is about showing and seeing: to show that which is concealed, to see what was veiled, is fundamentally gripping. ( Jonathan Jones • The Guardian )
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It’s more important for a photographer to have very good shoes than to have a very good camera. (Sebastião Salgado)

Photography is to tune life while it occurs. It's brushing its strings, waiting for a memory, perhaps a newly created one, to touch the mind with colour. It's to frame an instant to make it describe its story or just to tell yours. To tell, for example, about woman's eyes that love the man that knows how to look at her, how to undress her, and that could recognize her with his eyes closed by the rustling of silk on her body while it gently falls, returning it to the nature. And it's in this moment that those woman's eyes confidently surrender, along with mine, because it's nature that doesn't quench anxieties, but it fuses into oneness, like sea on the sand. Photography is this man and these are my photographs. They are just pictures, that's true, but each of them tells a story. Happiness is you wanting to hear it. Photography is tonight.

Fotografia E' accordare la vita mentre questa accade. E' accarezzare le sue corde, nell'attesa che un ricordo, magari appena nato, sfiori la mente e la colori. E' fermare un istante per farsi raccontare la sua storia o, semplicemente, per raccontargli la tua. Per raccontargli, ad esempio, di occhi di donna che amano il sicuro di un uomo che sa come guardarla, che sa come spogliarla e che saprebbe riconoscerla ad occhi chiusi dal semplice frusciare della seta sul suo corpo mentre lo abbandona, restituendolo alla natura. Ed E' lì che quegli occhi di donna si abbandonano sicuri, e così i miei, perchE' E' natura che non placa l'inquietudine, ma l'accoglie in un tutt'uno, come il mare sulla sabbia. Fotografia E' quest'uomo e queste sono le mie foto. Sono solo foto, E' vero, ma ognuna di esse racconta una storia. Felicità è che tu voglia ascoltarla. Fotografia E' tonight.

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